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manufacturing jobs and training, flagstaff
  • StartHere has several manufacturing employer connections. These local businesses employ a variety of trade specific workers, which include machine tenders, mechanics, quality assurance staff, and shipping and receiving specialists.
  • Manufacturing is always changing and needs people who can change with it. It can be a great career track, offering entry-level jobs at a good salary, while you also gain valuable long-term skills and training.
  • Manufacturing is alive and well in Arizona and accounts for over 7% of the total output in the state, ranging between $19 and $22 billion for the last several years. In addition, manufacturing salaries are 77.5% high than other nonfarm employers in the state.
    • Recent findings from a National Manufacturing Institute survey noted that 67 percent of employers report a moderate to severe shortage of available qualified workers, and 56 percent expect this shortage to become more severe.
    • In Arizona, 76 percent of Arizona technology companies report that it is either very difficult or somewhat difficult to find qualified applicants for computer science, engineering and technical positions.
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